This Used To Happen Every Day

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The Attari Closing Ceremony used to take place every day at the Wagh border between India and Pakistan  till 2010. Because of it being the only road crossing between the two countries and due to the increased tension between them, lowering the flag ceremony was a bit more…..thrilling. The lowering of the flags or  “retreat” ceremony was more like a parade and a show for the people attending on both sides of the border.

It was canceled due to increased injuries to soldiers’ knees and backs from all the “Goose-Walking” taking place.

Jackie Chan’s 111th Movie: Chinese Zodiac

23 May 2012  1 Comment

The 58 year old has yet another movie around the corner. Jackie Chan has always astonished us with his stunts that he has been doing for years. Watching his movies is never boring even if it just for the stunts.

Try To Kiss Will Smith And You Will Get Slapped

19 May 2012  1 Comment

A reporter was so excited to meet Will Smith that he tried to kiss him, Mr. Smith replied with a slap on the face.

The Road To Munich

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Tonight’s the night, Bayern will play the final of the UEFA Champions League on their Allianz Arena and will host Chelsea. Both team were in the the final recently, Chelsea lost to Manchester United on penalties in the 2008 final and Bayern Munich lost to Inter Milan in 2010. Both teams have something to prove.

Chelsea have 4 starting players suspended: Terry, Ivanovic, Meireles and most importantly Ramires.

Bayen have 3 players suspended: Gustavo, Alaba and Badstuber.


And another promo

Skill, Luck or Pure Stupidity?

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I’ll go with stupidity.

J.J. Abram’s New TV Show “Revolution” Looks Interesting

14 May 2012  1 Comment

Executive producer J.J. Abrams who produced movies such as Cloverfield, Star Trek  and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and TV shows such as Alias, Lost and Fringe has a new show called Revolution scheduled for release this fall season.

From the just released trailer, the show looks interesting and I hope it delivers as I’m watching less and less shows at the moment.

Carlsberg Fan Academy

11 May 2012  6 Comments

The Euros is just around the corner, Carlsberg latest commercial prepares us to this summers competition with a pretty good Ad.

Maradona Cleaning the floor at 1:05

Got A Blackberry Device? Have A Free Donut

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Research In Motion (RIM) and Dunkin Donuts have joined forces to offer free donuts for those who have a blackberry device whether is is a phone or the PlayBook. Pass by any Dunkin Donut branch on Wednesday starting next week to register you pin as you would enter a draw too. The offer lasts for 4 weeks only.

How did I know about it? Like all other bloggers in Kuwait , I got a customized box of donuts. Thanks for making me fat RIM.

UT1 Donuts

Reserch In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, is joining with Dunkin Donuts to offer BlackBerry customers free treats during the month of May.

Starting next Wednesday May 16, BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook users can show their devices at Dunkin Donuts stores throughout Kuwait, including 360 mall, Al Kout and Salmiya, and register their BlackBerry PIN to receive a free donut and coffee for themselves and a friend. Offer is available every Wednesday for four weeks between 6pm and 10pm.

Customers will also go into a draw to win weekly prizes.

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