This Defender Thinks He is The King of Pop

9 May 2012  No Comments

Brazil’s Sport Recife’s defender Tobi got a yellow card after an aerial collision, fhe then proceeds to do the moonwalk in protest.

The Dark Knight Rises – Latest Trailer

1 May 2012  No Comments

The Dark Knight Rises latest theatrical trailer. The movie is scheduled for release July 18, a day before Ramadan. I really hope they don’t postpone it till Eid.

Google Drive

25 Apr 2012  1 Comment

The long rumored “G-Drive” has been eluding us for a few years now but it is finally here. Google is going head-to-head with Dropbox with its Google Drive and here are some of the advantages of using Google’s solution:

  • Paid plans are cheaper
  • Offers more free space 5GB  (unless you have Dropbox referrals)
  • Images and videos uploaded through Google+ do not count against your available space (restrictions apply)
  • Document collaboration ala Google Docs
  • Supports online viewing for "over 30 file types" including Photoshop, illustrator and HD Video (not sure how the support stacks up to Dropbox)
  • Sync appears to be much faster than Dropbox
  • Space also applies to other Google products: Gmail & Picasa
  • Shared files give you a commenting and chat interface – which is actually more useful than it sounds
  • If you happen to be grandfathered into a Google storage plan the prices are DIRT CHEAP.
  • Improved search over Dropbox – including OCR recognition of PDFs, etc. This is really nice for eBooks.
  • Files can be kept forever even if you stop paying. Stop paying and your files over the free storage limit will remain with read-only access as long as you want them. You could consider it pay once forever hosting.
  • File-level app permissions. Apps don’t need access to your entire Dropbox, you can grant them access to a single file.

The service is still not available for everyone, it is slowly rolling out..

Google Drive

Barcelona vs Chelsea – Revenge

23 Apr 2012  No Comments

Almost 3 years ago, the second leg match between those two teams was full of controversy. There were a number of calls that went against Chelsea and what  made matters worse is that Iniesta fired an incredible shot in the final moments of the match to put Barcelona in the final on away goals.

Will history repeat itself?

Samsung Takes Another Swipe at Apple

23 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Samsung takes another swipe at Apple with its latest teaser for the upcoming Galaxy phone that is supposed to be announced in Samsung Mobile Unpacked in 10 days.

The previous ads that was aimed at Apple lovers are the SII’s:



This is The Samsung Galaxy SIII

20 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Did the Samsung Galaxy S III just appear in Vietnam? (video)

According to a Vietnamese site this is soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-9300). that has a 4.6” 1184×720 screen, 1.4 Quad-Core CPU, 1GB of Ram, 8MP camera 16GB storage and a MicroSD slot.

There is a plastic casing around the device in the video to keep the final design a bit of a secret. The 2050mhA battery will come with NFC capability.

More photos at XDA

Dishonored: Bethesda’s New Game

18 Apr 2012  1 Comment

Bethesda (makers of games such as Skyrim, Fallout and Rage) took the wraps off their new game Dishonored, a new first person adventure game that looks like a mix of Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed.

"Dishonored puts you in the shoes of a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is being besieged by plague and ruled by an oppressive government armed with strange technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you abilities beyond those of any common man.
In Dishonored, creatively eliminate your targets with the flexible combat system as you combine the numerous supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Pursue your enemies under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly attack them head on with weapons drawn. The outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you make."

Dishonored is scheduled for release by the end of 2012.

Super Slow Motion Stupidity

18 Apr 2012  No Comments

There is something satisfying about watching destruction in slow motion. Is that normal?

These are the highlights from Danish TV show called "Dumt & Farligt". It looks like an awesome show. Video captured at 2500FPS.;

Most Epic Commercial–The Drama Button

15 Apr 2012  No Comments

For the launch of TNT channel in Belgium they placed a big red push button in the middle of a square with a sign saying “Push to add drama”.

Another Footballer Has Fallen

14 Apr 2012  No Comments

Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini who was on loan from Udinese has died after collapsing during his team’s Serie B match.

All Italian football league matches this weekend have now been suspended as a mark of respect.


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